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About me

Updated: May 13, 2020

Myself Deepthi Chand K, born and brought up in Puttur, a small town near Mangalore, Karnataka. A mother of two lovely kids, a software engineer by profession, homemaker by choice living in Germany. Cooking is my passion, I love to experiment, experience, and share it with others too. I believe in, "Sharing is Caring."😊 As a teenager, Food was my weakness, but now its more of research, understanding the ingredients and the benefits of it and trying to include healthy recipes on a day to day life. My mom is a wonderful cook, she always fed us varieties in our childhood, that could be one of the reasons why I look for variations always. My main aim is to retain the heirloom recipes along with adapting to the local cuisines where I live. Also to introduce the Indianised versions for the locally available resources. My blog would mostly contain Healthy, Vegan recipes, also, to a large extent, low-calorie food recipes. I hope you all like it too.

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