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Millet Masala Dosa

A south indian can never say no to Dosas, especially Masala dosa ( my assumption or could be observation😅). I usually try not to stick on to the standard dosa recipes always. My preference is, to incorporate healthy ingredients as much as possible in different ways.

Millet dosa is one such choice of mine. Unfortunately, because of the unusual situation around the globe, sometimes its hard to get certain ingredients in required quantity. So this time I altered the normal dosa recipe using the available amount of Millet at home.

Cuisine: South Indian

Type: Breakfast / dinner


Dosa rice - 3 cups

Any one of these Millet(Little millet/ foxtail/Barnyard) - 2 cups

Thick Poha- 1 cup

Urad dal- 1/2 cup

Channa dal- 2 tbsp

Methi seeds- 1 tsp

Salt as per taste

Sugar - 1 tsp

Method :

1.Wash and soak the rice, poha n millet in a bowl with sufficient water, for 4 hours atleast.

2. Wash and soak Urad dal, channa dal and methi seeds together with sufficient water for 4 hours.

3. Don't discard the water with which dal n methi is soaked. It gives a nice flavour to the dosa.

4. Grind the dal mixture to a smooth paste and transfer it to a vessel, do not use the entire water in one go. Add little by little to grind . Save the remaining water to grind the rice.

5. Now grind the rice n millet mixture to almost smooth consistency and add it the same vessel, which has dal paste.

6. Its good it mix it well with a clean hand, if you are not comfortable, use a spatula and give a nice mix before fermentation.

7. Ferment the batter very well, atleast for 8 hours. If you are using the batter for breakfast, you can Ferment it overnight.

8. Add salt and sugar, adjust the water consistency and make dosas, serve it with your choice of accomplishments.

Note :

1. 1 tsp of Sugar will not add any sweetness to the batter, instead helps in getting a nice golden colour to the dosa.

2. Millet absorbs alot of water, while getting soaked, so use less water as much as possible, while grinding.

3. The tawa has to be hot while pouring the batter, regulate the heat after spreading. Medium flame cooking helps in getting golden dosas.

4. You can use any one of the millet mentioned above.

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