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Video of making Topi dosa/Cone dosa

Topi dosa is nothing but the normal dosa made in Topi/hat shape. This can be done using any thick batter except for the batters for Neer dosa or Rava dosa. I have used Moong corn dosa batter.

It is a crispy and delicious, but also a big attraction for the kids as it looks like a party hat or a chimney. So here is a video tutorial for making the restaurant style Topi's at home.

Tips for spreading dosa:

  1. I always use a tissue paper to rub the Tawa, which helps in regulating the heat before spreading the batter.

  2. Reduce the heat to medium, increase only after the dosa is spread completely

  3. Some use Onion to rub the tawa, but I would not recommend that for non stick tawa.

  4. If you are already using something else, which are regionally available, please continue the traditional method.

  5. I am using a Non stick Tawa which I usually change once in 6 months, I cannot use a Cast Iron Tawa, as I am having an induction stove top which does not support non- induction base cookwares unfortunately.

  6. I am using a scissor to cut the dosa, as using a knife would damage the Non stick Tawa and this Scissor is exclusively kept ONLY for kitchen purpose.

  7. Few use knife and in restaurants, they use the spatulas wit a sharp edge, if you have one, u can use that too.

Any doubts? You can write to me anytime in the comments section, will try my best to help with what I know.

Moong sweetcorn dosa recipe will be shortly updated, if you are interested to have a look.

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